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Product Description

Fragrance family: green, floral, citrus

TOP: lemon, chlorophyll, galbanum, grapefruit, watermelon
HEART: lime blossom, gardenia, violet, jasmine, rose, magnolia
BASE: moss

This perfume is based on a harmony of lime blossom and fresh, light green leaves.
The lime blossom at the heart of this perfume is surrounded by light, floral tones such as magnolia, gardenia and violet. The green top notes take their freshness and lightness from aspects of grapefruit and watermelon, while the base notes have a mossy nuance.

The winning composition of touch, smell, looks, comfort, sound and style adds to the feeling of enjoyment behind the wheel and the general sense of well-being on board. Step inside and feel an instant affinity to the vehicle's character.

Product Information

  • Article Number: A0008990188

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